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Powered Paragliders - the Simplest Way to Ultralight Flying

Author: Bobby Handzhiev

If you are interested in ultralight aviation, you have probably spent some time thinking how to simplify your flying. Most of the ultralight enthusiasts meet various problems to achieve their dream.

The price of the ultralight airplanes is relatively low, but still not for everyone's pocket. Then you have to add costs for obtaining a license, hangaring, fuel and flying permits.

On the other side are the paragliders. They need literally nothing except wind. The problem is you depend on the wind way too much.

I guess some smart guy have realized that many of us need the best of both world. Thus the powered paraglider was born.

How is it different?
The powered paragliders can fly and pick up on their own, not matter if there are appropriate wind conditions or not. They have a very simple engine sitting on the back on the pilot and allow very easy flying.

The powered paragliders are cheaper than the ultralight airplanes and do not require a pilot license.

You can even buy your powered paraglider online and receive it in few days.

Safety of powered paragliders
Typically the powered paragliders are considered safer than their unpowered cousins, because you have greater control on the flight itself.

If you have experience flying a "normal" paraglider, you will be able to use the same knowledge about safety that you have acquired before.

How to start?
If you feel interested, there are several things you need to do:

- Think about your education. If you have no experience flying a paraglider, it's highly recommended to attend a flying course
- Plan your finances. The powered paragliders are one of the cheapest way to fly, but still you will need several thousands dollars to do it safely
- Research new and used market of powered paragliders. There are a lot of options, but some pilots prefer to build their own motorized paraglider. It's easy!
- Buy, pack, get trained and start flying

There is just one step from powered paragliding and flying a real ultralight airplane. Some pilots prefer to stay with the paragliders, other want to grow further. Whichever you choose, paragliding is an excellent way to start.

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