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Type 2-seat ultralight
Engine 36 hp
Propeller 2-blade wooden fixed 4,9 ft dia
Landing gear trigear
Length 19,8 ft
Wing Span 28 ft
Wing Area 148,8 sq.ft
Wing Aspect Ratio 5,3
Airfoil Ritr
Vertical Tail Area 7,8 sq.ft
Rudder Area 3,3 sq.ft
Horizontal Tail Area 16,6 sq.ft
Elevator Area 10 sq.ft
Empty Weight 355 lb
Gross Weight 533 (single) lb
Wing Loading 3,58 lb / sq.ft
Power Loading 14,8 lb / hp
Fuel Capacity 3 gal
Top Speed 69 mph
Stall Speed 28 mph
Takeoff Roll n.a.
Rate of Climb 500 fpm
Bldg. Materials Wing: tubing, fabric
Tail: tubing, fabric
Fuselage: tubing

3 view drawing