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M-5-1 October

Type 2-seat ultralight
Engine 30 hp
Propeller 2-blade wooden fixed 4,7 ft dia
Landing gear trigear
Length 18,3 ft
Wing Span 33,3 ft
Wing Area 166,7 sq.ft
Wing Aspect Ratio 6,7
Airfoil TSAGI P-III-15,5
Vertical Tail Area 13,3 sq.ft
Rudder Area 5,8 sq.ft
Horizontal Tail Area 25,1 sq.ft
Elevator Area 9,1 sq.ft
Empty Weight 406 lb
Gross Weight 764 lb
Wing Loading 4,58 lb / sq.ft
Power Loading 25,4 lb / hp
Fuel Capacity 2 gal
Top Speed 62 mph
Stall Speed 28 mph
Takeoff Roll n.a.
Rate of Climb 600 fpm
Bldg. Materials Wing: tubing, fabric
Tail: tubing, fabric
Fuselage: tubing, fabric

3 view drawing